Wall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Who doesn’t want to keep the walls clean at home as keeping the wall neat and clean can enhance the beauty of your house. With that being said, cleaning the walls is not easy with extra care needs to be taken care of. However, if you use the sure-fire techniques, you will be able to keep your walls fresh every day. So, in this article, we are going to share the best wall maintenance tips for your home to ensure you can make your home exciting and attractive. Let’s have a quick look at the article.

Remove stain from the wall

Wall Maintenance Tips for Your HomeFirst of all, you should consider removing the stain from the wall. It is actually a major problem for many homeowners. Our children are directly responsible for wall stain. And sometimes, stain is created accidentally. In that case, you should use a wet cloth and clear the waterborne stains (if your walls have waterborne stains). In addition, if you see oil stains such as crayons or cooking grease, you can use mild dish-washing soap.

Do vacuum the walls regularly

Vacuuming the walls frequently will do a world of goods to your walls. So, use a smooth brush with an efficient vacuum cleaner and make sure there are no cobwebs or dust on the walls. You can even wipe the wall with a damp cloth to make them neat and clean.

Paint your wall with glossy paint

Another way to make your walls beautiful is to use glossy paint. When you are thinking of using glossy paint, make sure you are using the latex polymer paint. This type of paint makes your paint smooth and shiny. It will even create less water drip marks on the wall, ultimately keeping your wall free from dirt.

Clean the wall properly before painting

Wall Maintenance Tips for Your HomeAs we have said painting your wall will make the house attractive, you must be careful before using any paint. Most people forget to clean the wall, especially the dust and mounds of the walls. Additionally, if your wall has cobwebs or light switches, you have to clean them clearly before using any sort of paint. In this way, you could avoid any painting failure.

Observe and find any dampness or leakage in the wall

Observing and figuring out any dampness in your wall are significant. The thing is when you are cleaning your wall, you must find out exactly which places need cleaning. Also, find out if your wall has any link to water or sewage leakage. It will enable you to keep your wall fresh and you can avoid any walls collapse.

Some Bonus tips for keeping your wall fresh

  • You must carry out regular visual checks of your walls by finding out any cracks or tilt movement in the wall.
  • You should check for any faulty weep holes or drainage holes on the wall.
  • You must check for a proper surface drainage around the wall.
  • You should not heighten your walls without proper consultation.


When you are doing maintenance work for your walls, you should use clean water with a fresh paper towel. You can even use a mixture of water and dish washing liquid as well. So, if you have any more ideas for wall maintenance, be sure to add your comment in the below.