Great Websites to Buy Handmade Goods

Nowadays, you will see a lot of e-commerce or social commerce websites where homemade and handicrafts items are being sold every day. Now that didn’t happen overnight. First Etsy came into the fore and launched their business, surpassing all expectation by delivering top-notch products. Afterwards, many small-scale businesses and start-ups have been introduced as well. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the seven great websites where you can buy the best handmade goods online. Let’s have a peek at the article and find out what these websites can offer you.

1000 Markets

Great Websites to Buy Handmade GoodsAs of now, this website has more than 90,000 specialty items while delivering a ‘boutique, art-filled, authentic shopping experience’ to the customers. The products range from food, art, ceramics, health, jewelry, musical instruments, beauty products, and toys. So, you will have a wide range of handmade goods collection at your disposal.


ArtFire is a Tuscon, Arizona based company where handmade products of all kind are displayed. The products include fine art, media, design, antiques, etc. There are more 66000 suppliers who supply these products from around the world. Each product is categorized into a different segment so that the buyers can get the best shopping experience. In fact, there are other ways you can differentiate the products such as shop by occasion, by trends, and by colors. In case, you cannot find your desired product, you can just post ad from the ‘Forge’ section. Although the website has an ordinary look, but they provide excellent services to the customers, especially to the artisan community.


ArtFlock is a website where you can buy almost every handmade items from a two dollar postcards to valuable masterpieces. In fact, ArtFlock is an online platform where artist of all disciplines can buy and sell their handmade goods. The website has a pretty comprehensive search functionality, meaning that you can buy products by medium, theme, color, and style. Even you can narrow down your results by price or date as well.


DaWanda is a large website with one million products for sale. It is a powerhouse in the handmade arena, especially in the Europe. You will see a small number of U.S. sellers who sells handmade items. The website offers a combination of vintage products and handicraft items. DaWanda has keyword search options with standard categories. In addition, you will be able to find products by shop showcases, by trends, and also by special features.


Great Websites to Buy Handmade GoodsFolksy is the British version of Etsy, which offers e-commerce functionality to its users. The website sells handmade items like no other site. You will find a host of how-to guides for creating your own handmade crafts. It doesn’t matter if you want to make fabric flowers or crochet bags, the entire ‘Folksy’ community has dedicated photo-lead instructions for all kinds of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. However, if you want to buy directly from the website, just help yourself by browsing through the categories.


Foodzie is a fantastic website where different types of artisan foods are sold. It is also an exclusive supermarket in which buyers can buy delicious foods. All foods have relevant images with gift cards redemption offers are available as well.


ICraft is a Canadian website with a global appeal as the website sells handmade items. In fact, the site boasts an impressive list of artisans, designers, and artists from across the world who provide handicraft items in large quantity. With a good search functionality and easy-to-use popular search index, ICraft is a genuine place to buy handmade goods.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we would like to say buying handmade goods is easy if you know where to buy them. So, let us know if we have missed anything by adding your comment in the comment section.