People who use trail camera are often concerned with the style and flash effect of the camera. The thing is trail camera flashlight be it black or red flash may have a greater impact on hunting. To make things simple, you have to understand that hunters hunt on different environment, which requires compatible lighting effect to capture the best images. In that sense, trail camera flashlight is fundamental to the hunters. So, in this article, we are going to talk about three camera experts to ensure you know exactly how this flash style thing can impact your hunting. Let’s move forward and read the article in full.

Jeff Sturgis

Does Trail Camera Flash Style Have a Real Impact on the Game We HuntThe first camera expert we are going to talk about is Jeff Sturgis who owns and operates a Whitetail Habitat Solution. His firm has helped a lot of hunters, providing almost all types strategic strategies. Jeff has worked with more than 600 clients in 22 different states and he is working from 2005. From his work experience, the most common problem is trail cameras tend to be invasive while spooking game, especially for who owns IR or red glow cameras. He had even captured a deer, which was looking into 144 inch air while staring at the glowing red bulbs.

The bulbs were from a hidden elevated IR trail camera. He told us that he misses the days of white flash cameras when the nighttime color photos could be taken at less than the level of invasiveness compared to recent IR trail cameras. He also mentioned that he likes the different types of blackout trail cams. They carry an extremely low level of invasiveness. Therefore, they are more convenient to use in daytime including cutting the side profile, which is close to tree or any camera locations at between six inches and ten inches. In that case, his recommendation is Black Flash/No Glow trail camera flash style as it provide 100% service at private or public lands.

David Giarrizzo

The second expert we are talking about is David who is a proud co-owner of Tag N Brag. He has several big bucks under his belt. He runs a large trail camera scout network across the county and he relies on the inventory he gets from the scouting team. In this way, he shares his thoughts on the trail camera flash styles.

He is a not an avid user of white flash because he thinks it is a mental aspect for him. He explained it by saying – ‘I can’t imagine a white flash going off in the woods and a deer not thinking something of it’. David considers the infrared flash is much better than the white flash as he had seen a deer spooked from it in a video mode. In fact, one particular buck spooked several times from an infrared video in his New York property. Therefore, he prefers black flash with no glow as his go-to flash style. It may diminish the quality of night images but the deer won’t react under a black flash regardless of it in a video or photo mode.

Nick Ventura

Does Trail Camera Flash Style Have a Real Impact on the Game We HuntThe last of our camera is expert is Nick Ventura who is a co-owner and co-star of the sportsman channel series – The Life TV. He has been using the trail camera for many years. In that regard, he has been helping the hunters for years through his outdoor television work. He prefers black flash with no glow style trail camera because using any other type of style would make it difficult to find the deer in a specific area. Also, he thinks that using a particular type of style will always help the hunters to find the deer in an effective way. In that case, anything other than black style trail camera would just spoil the image capturing process.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is as a hunter you need to decide on which type of trail camera would help you to find the deer more efficiently. So, you can take the insights of these experts and use them for your own trail camera. Let us know what you think of this information by commenting below.

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